Download OpenClonk 6.1
for Windows 32-bit (66MB)
Released on 2015-06-12

All platforms

Windows 32-bitWindows 32-bit (66MB) Linux 32-bitLinux 32-bit (64MB) MacOSMacOS (65MB)
Windows 64-bitWindows 64-bit (66MB) Linux 64-bitLinux 64-bit (64MB) Source Source code (69MB)

As package available in

Debian Debian since jessie Ubuntu Ubuntu 14.04 or later Linux Mint Linux Mint 17 or later
Arch Linux Arch Linux (AUR) FreeBSD FreeBSD Gentoo Gentoo
Mageia Mageia Cauldron Fedora Fedora 21 or later openSUSE openSUSE 13.1 or later
Desura Desura


git Checking out the repository is easy. See the development section for instructions. There are step by step instructions available for Windows.

Clone URL: git://git.openclonk.org/openclonk.git

github We are also on GitHub!
The main repository is cloned there

Content development tools

C4DT The C4DT Eclipse plugin is a rich environment for content development. The editor offers many useful features for editing and debugging scripts you might know from other IDEs.

Mape Mape is a tool for editing dynamic landscapes. It shows a live preview of the generated landscape and reports syntax errors. Download it from the development snapshots page.

Cutting edge

If you wish to follow cutting edge development, this is for you. A new nightly is provided for each change made to the repository and runs out of the box.

Download Snapshot
automated build from repository

If you only need the most recent binaries, check on the autobuilds page.

Old versions

Old versions for all supported operating systems are available in the archive.

For licensing reasons we provide the source code for smpeg and SDL_mixer since they are statically linked into the Linux binary.